Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Victorian Spanking, Birching, & More at Thunder in the Mountains 2009!

Thunder was absolutely amazing and there was an abundance of wonderful energy all weekend by the attendees. There is so much to write about that I will have to section it out below:

The Play Parties:

Friday night—Ma’am had picked out a vinyl skirt and corset for me to wear. We were in matching black that evening. Ma’am, and I had a flogging and whipping scene. She took Her time and progressed through Her collections of floggers as She warmed me up for the whip. She played my back and bottom. Near the end, the pain was pretty intense and I was so close to being to where I could let go that I didn’t want to stop. After She put down the whip I begged Her to spank me. She pulled me down from St. Andrews Cross and took me OTK and spanked me as I began to cry. I gushed tears for several minutes as She continued to spank me, calm me down, and ground me again from the scene. I was not expecting to cry as I had done, but it came up out of me with such a force that I couldn’t ignore it. I left the scene cleansed and light.

Saturday Night—Ma’am and I had been preparing for our Victorian scene for several weeks. As we readied ourselves at the hotel, I prepped my head space as I dressed the part for my character, that of a ward from a wealthy Victorian family in the late 1800’s. Ma’am was dressed in Her beautiful governess skirt, blouse, and cameo. I styled Her hair and my own in Victorian fashion.

Once at the play space Ma’am and I greeted friends, and walked the area (50,000 sq. feet) to look in on others scenes as we searched for a place to begin our own. During this, we were met and gifted with a striking birch from Uncle Eric and his bottom Mita to use during our scene. The birch came from the owner of Canes-4-pain.

Ma’am proceeded to a spanking bench somewhere in the middle of the play space with a lot of room to move around. We drew a crowd of about 30 onlookers, I was told, as we progressed through our scene. The room tends to disappear when Ma’am and I play, and so, I was not aware that we were being watched as we were until much later.

Ma’am began the scene by addressing me, Her ward, as a lazy and idle girl who had not been keeping up with her studies, going out unescorted, and being lax in the lessons of deportment that she had spent many years teaching me. I was contrite from the beginning, knowing that any rebellion would further thwart Her wrath on my bottom. She walked around me, Her many black skirts swishing, with Her angry stride as She scolded and questioned my behavior.
I had not time to think or breathe as She reached for the dreaded tawse and ordered me to present my palms for chastisement. I hesitated a moment to long and was ordered again to present appropriately. Her eyes held fire as She demanded that I be still, hold position, and not flinch. Ma’am, my governess, punished my lazy palms twice each with a split tongued tawse before I was allowed to lower my hands. The pain, the severe burning needles, brought tears to my eyes, but they did little to move Her.

Ma’am proceeded to give me an etiquette lesson to refresh my memory of the lessons in manners and carriage that She demanded of Her ward. I was ordered to place the good book atop my head, to balance and walk the space with it securely. I held my breath and began walking, constantly being told to adjust my posture, my head, the speed of my step with Her at my heels. I did well in the beginning, but was nudged hard from the left, and thus I dropped the book. I was told that a lady was always prepared to compensate and right herself at any moment and that my disobedience was evident in this area.

I had to be corrected.

Ma’am seated herself on a straight backed chair and pulled me over Her knee. I was spanked over my skirt, my petticoats, and finally my open bottom bloomers were untied and I was bare to receive Her hand. I was commanded to keep position, be still, and take my punishment. Shortly afterwards, Ma’am stood me up and righted my dress, and I was ordered to walk the room again with the good book balanced on my head. Again Ma’am paced with me, around, behind, and in front as I walked. Finally, She told me to stop and to curtsey. I dare say I managed this much with a few corrections to Her satisfaction before I was told to rise and present Her with the book.

She then ordered me to the birching block or spanking bench and bade me to present myself for correction. I knelt and bent over the padded top and She lifted my skirt, petticoats, and untied my bloomers once more. She informed me this punishment was for going out of doors unescorted. She then proceeded to place the birch on my bottom, waiting for me to relax before She began. I breathed hard and forced myself to settle into position. The birch cut into my skin quickly from that point and it felt like a thousand bees were stinging me all at once. The sting, and delicious burning sensation were almost intolerable. I screamed.

She stopped and allowed me a breath to recover before picking up the cane, Her favorite tool. She questioned my good name, my character, asking me if I was seeing a fellow in secret on these trips outside alone. I denied Her claim repeatedly. She caned me into compliance, until I faltered and admitted my crime. The cane bit again into me, unrelenting of the lesson She wanted me to know by heart. I was ordered to count to six of the best and to thank Her accordingly. I made it through Her punishment and was told to right myself, adjust my dress, and to curtsey for Her.

I had to then thank Her and the hand that taught me well the lessons I needed to learn. I kissed the back of Her hand, and Her palm before I was drawn into a hug. I had pleased Her in the end.

Our scene ended there, and we both fully returned to the present time, and to ourselves. Laughing, I commented that I felt the birch had exploded in a million pieces and sure enough the birch was in fragments all around us. We cleaned up the scene and toys. I got water for us and we walked the room several more times that night. People were very complimentary of us and I thank all of you who lent your energy to our scene. We sure could feel your good energy.
Sunday Night—Ma’am and I attended the well gathered after party at the Denver Sanctuary. We were lucky to find a private nook in the crowded play space with a small padded table. I had gone dressed as a 1950’s pin up and Ma’am in her pretty corset, lace blouse, skirt, and heels. Ma’am played me with sensation toys such as Her vampire gloves, Shrimp deveiner, sap gloves, and rubber flogger. I still have some beautiful scratch marks all down my chest and back. We left shortly after that and crashed hard at the hotel. The next morning we took our leave of Denver and caught a plane home.
The Vendors Fair:
There were about 30 different vendors offering anything from corsets to sounds to canes and floggers. Ma’am bought me a pair of brand new baby pink leather wrist and ankle restraints. They are being made now, and will be shipped out next week. I am SO excited for these! The ones I have now are not going to hold up for much longer. I wear them all the time when I am home and they are fashion restraints. These new leather ones will last forever! Thank You Ma’am for this sweet gift!
I gifted Ma’am a delrin Cane about 28 inches long with a stainless steel handle. By far, the meanest cane in Her collection. She has wanted one for a long time. We have yet to really play with it, but it’s a nasty little bugger!
The Classes & Workshops:
Ma’am and I attended many different and interesting classes over the weekend. We went to a class on female sounding (Google the term) which was crazy to watch, and something I am not interested in trying. I can understand though why some women enjoy the sensation. The next class we went to was by Lolita Wolf on Decorative Blood Sports in which she demonstrated decorating one’s body with needles and beads as well as staple corsets. This is something I am interested in trying. I have already had a staple corset, pictured several entries ago.
We also attending a caning class and a interesting class presented by Fifth Angel on Breaking the Mold, of which involved him dressed up as a clown (shudders) and playing his bottom/wife with balloons, a rubber chicken, and other funny clown toys. It was very funny and was all about bringing humor into a play scene. The other class I really enjoyed was called Let Your Beast Out, and this was about calling on your inner power (as a Top and as a bottom) and bringing that energy into a scene. The demo was between two women, both very Dominant in their own way. It was like watching a dance as the power flowed so effortlessly between them. The presenters name was Cleo DeBois, by far my favorite class of the weekend.
Overall, it was an awesome event and one that we are very much looking forward to attending again next year!


Angie said...

welcome back! It sounds like you two had a blast, and gosh, had to remember to breath when you were describing the victorian scene! And wow, do you two ever look good! That taswe is scary looking though.

Hope your poor little bottom is recovering,


Anonymous said...

Jenni nice to hear from you again wow your poor botty ,take care love and spanks ,tim xx

Wednesday said...

Dangit--I would have loved to see the female sounding. *sigh*

I think I would have safeworded out on seeing Fifth Angel in a clown outfit though. Can't go there. Brain won't go.

Your birching scene sounds delightful. I wish someone would film something like that.

Anonymous said...

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