Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Birthday & Spanking!

(My version of Barbie* Spanking)

I had another fantastic birthday yesterday complete with two birthday spankings for a total of 52 spankeroos (25 each, plus one to brat on)! I have heard that I may have more spankings coming from a few more people at our next Sun Valley Spanko’s Party on June 26th!

Ma’am, Don, and many others went out of their way to make this day special for me. I used to never like celebrating my birthdays or any holiday, but now I love it because I am surrounded by so many people that bring me such joy and love in my life. I feel very blessed, indeed. Spanks to all those of you who sent me B-day wishes via e-mail, Fetlife, text, and comments! All of you are truly very special!

I’d thought I’d share a breakdown of my B-day via pictures below:

(Beautiful baby-pink roses from Don and identical twin cards from both Ma'am and Don. That was a shocker and a funny twist to events that I think cements that fact that we are all in tune to each other. Very special!)

(Ma'am's early gift to me; A unique Dragon from Build-A-Bear that we made and dressed together. I named her Amber. Notice the added pink cuffs-I have a matching pair myself!)

(Ma'am set up a scavenger hunt for me in the Discipline room where She gave me one of the cards pictured above and I had to hunt for my presents hidden around the room. Great Fun!)

(I have an obsession with keys. Ma'am hid 7 beautiful key necklaces in the scavenger hunt. There is one for everyday of the week with a thought provoking word written on each one. I am to wear one each day and focus on what that word means to me.)



Burl Apsack said...

You are truly loved. Thanks for sharing.

Tinman said...

Sorry I missed the happy day. So happy belated birthday.

Also, the new layout for the blog looks great.

Anonymous said...

Jenni a belated happy birthday to you lovey glad you got your spanks from friends ,love and spanks from tim xxx